it was exceptionally hot in pangasinan...but as always we were treated with delicious native delicacies. i was only 2 glasses short of gulping down a whole bottle of san miguel beer grande. i was tipsy and fell asleep afterwards. then in the afternoon we drove up to baguio. i got all itchy & wondered if i was having allergic reactions to either the beer or the goat meat i ate earlier. i figured it must have been the goat (kilawin). at around midnight, we walked along session road, bought ourselves some hot choco and hung out for a while at burnham park, right by the lake. we didn't even have jackets, i was wearing a tshirt. jeshery was with us--she's actually my aunt although she's only barely 3 months older than me. i think that's so cool. she works there in baguio. the next day we bought some stuff at the market. it's such an interesting place..where everything seems to be 35 bucks a piece or 3 for P100. at mines view park, i bought a knitted celfone sling purse for P25, and i got these cute cartoon socks at the baguio market.
today though, my sister and i woke up feverish. at least i feel better now...

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