Why hello there! I'm back! If I didn't know Blogger had an iPad app already, I would probably still neglect my poor blog! 

Anyway, I just installed Rosetta Stone Spanish on my desktop PC because I've been meaning to learn Espanol for the longest time....especially since I'll be flying to Puerto Rico for the second time next month! Sure, we learned Spanish in college for a semester, but it was a forced kind of thing that your brain didn't want to retain...and we weren't really encouraged to converse or compose complex phrases on our own. It was just textbook Spanish....the kind that will probably get you by if you need to look for the bathroom in a Hispanic country.

I want to speak like a native...and this will help me a great deal when I travel to South America and Spain. And Spanish happens to be a widely spoken foreign language in the United States. It might even take over English in the future!

So I took the Rosetta Stone plunge because I found a 60% off discount thanks to Live Mocha, an online language learning community where you help others with your native language while learning a new one! Pay it forward! You earn points by teaching others which you can use to move forward with your own language course. This site was recommended by a dear friend in Ireland, Odette!

The coolest thing is that the Rosetta Stone course comes with a headset so you can listen and pronounce the words and phrases, and they let you know if you're saying it right!

Well, I hope to be fluent by the end of August! Wish me buena suerte, amigos!
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