tomahawk missiles.
weapons of mass destruction.
chemical warfare.

bush's 48-hour ultimatum against saddam expired at 9am manila time today, and in a surreal scene that one would think could only happen in movies, america commenced its attack on iraq. i have been glued on cnn almost all day today and things have been happening too fast, too grimly. today at the grocery, everything seemed normal, unlike the frenzied buying at shops in iraq where everybody bought duct tapes and batteries for survival. i calmly went to the candle section of the grocery and picked up some matches and a pack of candles. a lady and her mother were also buying candles and matches. i secretly tried to overhear their conversation to see if it had anything to do with prepping for the war.

and now gloria declares that the philippines is among the coalition supporting the US. huh? whatever happened to neutrality?

God help us all.

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