"not since diosdado macapagal"...the news item said on the frontpage of the inquirer. thomasian arlene maneja wowed everyone by topping the bar exams for 2002. what a historic feat for ust law indeed.

not every sis from our sorority made it, though. but i'm glad my fellow legolas fan, now atty. dorai, made it to the 19% bar passers.

meanwhile, ton was a victim of a theft inside the CR of the UST library. she said she just left her wallet on a ledge above the sink, and it was only five minutes when she remembered she left it but when she went back, it was no longer there. it contained some cash & a check to pay her tuition fee. she asked the janitress about it but no luck. now, either the janitress is lying or she truly did not see the wallet. but then again, you can't really trust every student to be honest either. now poor ton has to borrow money so she can go back home and ask for money again.

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