just got home from sm manila where i, cess, ton and reeze watched this HK horror flick called "the eye." ton and reeze have seen it already, but they wanted to see it again. ton was spoiling the suspense because she kept telling us which scenes to watch out for. i kept squeezing cess' arm, poor girl..hehe. the girl in the movie gets an eye transplant and starts seeing dead people. everyone inside the theater were screaming. hurray for asian horror flicks!

earlier, cess and i dropped by one of the shops where reeze's current crush is working. i guess he noticed that i was trying to size him up, because when i passed behind him, he looked at me in a sideways fashion. he's tall and has colored (!) hair, which reeze says is required of all male salespeople in that store.

we also checked out this chinese bookstore inside sm manila, where they sold various chinese items and stationery and even chinese music tapes. i didn't know vicki zhao sings too. i bought a pucca sticker sheet and a Qoo bookmark.

right beside the manila city hall, we passed by this blind beggar who was playing a little banduria. he had his hat on his lap for people to drop their coins. we saw him stop playing for a moment and he reached into his hat, but it was empty. ton and i decided to give him a few coins.

still earlier today, that is, during our first class, the two aircon units directly outside the windows of our classroom started to emit sparks and smoke...which caused some of our classmates to panic and implored our professor to leave that classroom. we were having a recitation then. god, that prof wasn't affected by the possible danger the slightest bit! while a good number of us started to stand with our bags, he stayed in his seat...and after a while he continued his lecture by saying "AND THE SUPREME COURT SAID..."


then at lunch, we decided to set reeze up with cess' guy friend. they haven't met and it was high time they did. reeze had no idea about the plan that this guy was going to drop by "accidentally" at shakey's where we were eating. unfortunately, he didn't make it, much to cess' utter disappointment. hehe. ooooh the party pizza we had at shakey's was heart-shaped!

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