i got a valentine's card from my parents today in the mail. reeze and ton were raving about this chinese horror flick they saw called "the eye" at sm manila, about this girl who got an eye transplant and started seeing ghosts eversince. i was supposed to go with them, but i didn't get to finish my case digest for merc early. cess wants to see it too. the only question is..."when can we get to see it?"

passed by one of our classrooms occupied by another year level...and scrawled across the blackboard in big letters were the words "ABSENT DAHIL SA SIPON"--obviously gathered from that tv commercial for a cold medicine. i thought that was funny. maybe their prof was absent or something.

one thing i hate about taking the bus, or any vehicle for that matter, is sitting beside a co-passenger who is trying to achieve REM stage and in the process mistaking me for a pillow. in other words, bumping into me. this guy i sat with kept leaning on me. good thing he had the decency to move to the other seat when it became empty. i wouldn't have minded if he were a cutie, but unfortunately, he was not.

on to my neighborhood: our neighbor's dog, which i like to call aso la fea, runs up to me everytime he sees me approaching like i were his master. this couple who passed me by remarked, "ang lambing ng aso, sinusundo sia". i wanted to retort that he wasn't mine. he even goes to the point of biting me which i'm sure is just his way of showing how glad he is to see me. i wonder if he does that to his own masters.

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