starting to pack things up for when my mom and me fly back to the philippines on tuesday.
what have i learned from this month-long trip? i learned that a lot of things have changed in two years since i last went here. our neighbor who's a police was injured hence his leg is swollen and can't go to work. the lake nearby now has a paved path where joggers can run or people can stroll and rollerblade or bike. but the swans i've been wanting to see never came. also, a guy which i thought i'd see again after two years will never again show up in my life. so near yet so far....how things and people change...
had a hands-on experience on babysitting my little cousin abigail too.
last night though, we went to this party at secaucus...and there was a DJ who taught dance steps to people. my mom wanted me to dance along and i did. to my surprise....i actually enjoyed it. and i danced pretty good too.

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