[mood|dizzy & exhausted yet happy]

it's my first time to go to enchanted kingdom in sta. rosa, laguna; and what a memorable experience indeed. this trip was supposed to be a sorority outing, but only 6 of us came. haha. still, we went on with our plan. we were lucky to get a van to drive us there for the same price as if we took a bus. then the rain started to pour...a really heavy thunderstorm. we decided to hang out at waltermart near EK for lunch and waited for the rain to stop. fortunately, it did. i think the space shuttle really shook my guts so that after riding it for the second time with rizza before going home, i started to feel sick in the bus. thank god i didn't puke my guts out. we got wet, screamed like crazy, took advantage of every kodak moment and harassed the neoprint booth. all in all, we had a fun day.

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