currently listening to pink's "don't let me get me."
yesterday was my first day of ojt at the quezon city RTC. realized that the judge was very chatty that saying goodbye to her can actually take an hour. saw rizza, smiley and cess and gave them their twix bars which have already melted in my bag because of the heat. the xeros guy just outside our court was hitting on me, and i was embarrassed for him when i noticed he thought my name was princess. haha. note to self: must beware of wearing revealing and tight blouses. smiley dragged me into the men's bathroom just for kicks, just so he can show us what it looks like inside. went home itching desperately that i took a bath. now i know that my allergies are triggered by pollution and extreme heat. oh, rizza brought the numerous vcds of takeshi kaneshiro's movies sent to her by her chinese friend in hongkong. borrowed one of them. lucky girl.

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