got back last night from an overnight beach outing at batangas city with some friends in my class. we even got lost while looking for a sister's house in batangas. but her mom was so gracious to have served us dinner and let her go with us to look for a resort. we paid for two rooms in this resort we found, and all nine of us girls had to squeeze into this one room with only two beds. the other guys had the other room. we brought our own food there but we were so exhausted that night we decided to save it for next day.
we woke up early to this chilly morning breeze from the sea. started swimming and found out that the water was deep near the shore, so we had to hang on to the bamboo poles floating on it. arlene and i were determined to bake our skin in the sun. then we all went island-hopping to this island called "sombrero island"...it's shaped like a square hat and it took us 45 minutes by motorboat to get there. the waves were strong yet it was sunny. the waves were even stronger when we got there...the water was crashing against the rocks. the rocks had little oyster shells on them, which i showed arlene how to open with a sea pebble and eat raw. haha. we all had fun..and we were all so red and dark by the time we got home. my body really hurt from all that swimming...we even had scars and scratches on our bodies as souvenirs from those bamboo poles and rocks. i have a nasty one on my left hand and another one on my right leg. but che got stung by a sea urchin on her finger. i wish we had more pictures taken while we were there, i only got to bring a disposable camera with only about 8 shots left.

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