we don't have classes today due to an occasion in honor of justice feria at school.
this morning though, i dropped by the marikina RTC for the last time to hand my letter of goodbye, explaining that i have to transfer to QC as instructed by the office. i wasn't there long, because i was fighting back my tears as i spoke to the clerk of court. i can't believe i'm actually going to miss them. the judge was just as old as my mom. i hung around for a while at the MTC nearby and talked with this court staff who wanted to know if the rumors are true about my province. he shared his 2 cents worth of thoughts on how the "aswang" culture came about in our country--that it could be the spaniards' doing as a form of psychological strategy to foil revolutionary plotters. interesting theory. i wish i didn't have to leave marikina.
slept all afternoon. haven't done that in a while. sleep in the afternoon, that is.
i hope i hear good news tomorrow in school.....

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