okay, and now we adopted the sibling of the first kitten, this time it's white. my aunt got a scratch on her hand when she picked up the kitten from behind while it was sleeping on a tree, and it reacted so violently that it was shaking like hell when we put it in a sack. at least they're together in the cage now.
we had dinner at kenny rogers and we got this free teddy bear in a tin can. you get it when your bill is worth P325 and it must include 2 orders of lemonade.
oh dear, must wake up at the break of dawn tomorrow to meet up with a lawyer in marikina regional trial court for my practicum. hope everything turns out fine. this will mean that i have to wake up at 5am everyday...man, that sure feels like highschool all over again. hmm, wait, i used to have P.E. classes at 7am in college....so i woke up just as early then...

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