yesterday was christmas day aaand my sister's 21st birthday. we heard mass in the morning and then had some relatives come over at our house for the party. there was lechon, seafood (among which, the oysters were specially requested by my sis), choco mocca crunch cake, dinuguan, valenciana, macaroni salad, fried chicken, pancit, and hotdogs on sticks with marshmallows which i personally grilled glazed with my secret sauce. my hotdogs were such a huge hit, it was gone in a couple of hours. i got my sister this rather pricey monsters inc. "boo" glass with miniature eyeballs floating at its bottom. this christmas i got a framed wall decor, a small bag, snoopy book ends, mug and saucer and a blue gel votive candle.
also, i finished reading "illusions: adventures of a reluctant messiah" by richard bach.
hmm...i can feel the holiday pounds weighing me down...

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