yesterday i got to go to two parties: first was at our friend myra's baby's 1st birthday, and later at my sorority's induction party merged with that of our counter-fraternity. the baby's name is "khylne nicole"...a most unusual way of spelling it. rizza, ton and me bought our gifts at toy kingom, and then we took a cab to taguig. we were early for the party, although we arrived at the specified time which was 3pm. czar joined us later. he got us gel candles for xmas gifts too. myra's looking pretty even as a mom.
then we went to ton's apartment and washed our hair and got dressed for the party. ton was giving a speech as the new dux magna so she requested me to compose her speech...preferably short. on the way to the venue (tony's bar and grille, mindanao ave.) ton was memorizing her speech and i added a few more sentences until it was done. by the time we got there, everyone has eaten..so we were late..hehe. the program just started, and since it was the fraternity's 22nd anniversary, they prepared a mini-concert in which the brods sang. i didn't know there were a lot of musically-inclined brods. it was a fun night. their new grand praefectus, kin, gave a funny speech. ton was a natural at her speech. i got to pin charlynn's sorority pin after they took their oath..and she brought a chinese magazine with takeshi kaneshiro in it! i begged to get a page with takeshi in it, and she let me tear off a page! i hope our pictures in that party turn out good. the new sisters were gorgeous in their dresses. since we were latecomers, we got to eat dinner at around 11pm, when the whole program ended. the party itself ended at around midnight. so i barely had enough sleep because i had to wake up for the dawn mass.
finally got to watch "crouching tiger, hidden dragon" on vcd today.

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