my dentist is sick again today so i wasted a good P55 for fares. the things one can read on jeepneys can be interesting--like this sign that said "GOSSIPS CAN NEVER KEEP A SECRET."
anyway, last night i was flipping channels and this cute guy in star mandarin channel was eating 30 cans of pineapple slices...apparently he's depressed about his girlfriend dumping him. and he's so desperate that he calls every girl he knows just to have a drink with him. this guy turns out to be takeshi kaneshiro. anyway i ended up watching the rest of this movie, called "chung king express". it's basically about dealing with heartbreak, and getting over the ordeal and accepting the changes. a touching thing he said there was when he thought nobody would page him on his 25th birthday, yet someone did. and he said to himself "if memory can be canned, i hope it never expires..let this last for 10,000 years." before that, he met this girl in a bar and asked her if she liked pineapples. then later the girl told him, "why do you ask me if i like pineapples? someone who likes pineapples today, may like something different the next time.
then another episode followed, but the entire story revolved around this food joint, perhaps that's where the movie got its name. the song "california dreaming" by the mamas & the papas kept playing in that part of the movie. and what a movie it indeed was. they drew parallels between food and relationships. like this girl who snuck into this guy's flat and switched the sardines in his cupboard...and how the food joint owner advised the cop about what food to buy his girl. "why do you keep buying chef salad? why not try fish and chips?"

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