i thought yesterday was going to be the day i'd survive conflicts class unscathed, since i was called last week, but NOOOO...he had to make a big issue about me writing a note on rizza's book while someone else was reciting. and so, i was on the hot seat, and i ended up reciting for the rest of the period. i thank my lucky stars and rizza that the damaging evidence which was the written note was not seen. i felt like dying on the spot. but i lived to tell the tale of the infamous day that is december 1st, 2001.
it was also hennie's birthday, so that evening she brought us to don henrico's malate for dinner. i didn't expect there would be quite a lot of us coming along. hennie got a lot of gifts..big ones too. afterwards we headed to a KTV bar because she wanted us to sing..hehe. we left at 1230am, but turned out my father can't fetch me so i decided to just sleep over at imee's dorm. she was too kind to offer me a fresh pair of undies and sleepwear so i can go wash myself because i really felt stinky and sticky all over. then we chatted until about 3am and then slept. we woke up at around 6 this morning and i had to wear my stinky clothes again and we parted ways. teehee.

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