today our four-month old dogs crazytown and snowpie were vaccinated with anti-rabies vaccine for free. it's really convenient that a concerned councilor thought of offering this free service. after all, our neighborhood is teeming with dogs. banlag, the smallest and youngest of the three dogs, was spared from the needle because she was feeling mighty ill...poor thing. as we fell in line to have our dogs vaccinated, this lady standing behind me had her dog pee on my left foot by accident. ~ick~!
in this bus i rode in on my way home tonight, i sat near this couple who were apparently arguing over the issue of support. the woman was asserting to the man that whatever happens, should their kid decide to go to college, the father should finance the education. they were debating like kids. the man kept saying, "talo ka na". hmmn...it's a game? what i didn't find agreeable to this conversation was when the woman said that even if she marries another one, the man should still support their kid...that when the kid comes up to her to tell her he/she wants to go to college...she will simply ask the kid to go to her father and ask for money. where's HER contribution? hmnn...

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