my sister and i watched "serendipity" today. girl meets boy in new york at bloomingdale's where they debate over who's more entitled to buy the last pair of black gloves. they get attracted to each other, but the girl decides to leave everything to fate before they actually introduce themselves or exchange numbers. girl thinks: okay! i have a great idea..let's go into waldorf astoria, ride on separate elevators and if we meet on the same floor...it's destiny! HELLO?! how serendipitiously stupid! haven't they ever heard of the phrase "seize the day"? but the whole idea of fate is romantic.
in fact, i had a serendipity experience today when i started looking for a gift for kuhr buhr charlynn. earlier at the movie theater i was thinking..."oh please let me find a care bears storybook at booksale..." and when we went to the booksale at SM, i did find one! it was prettier than the first one i found..and i was so happy..my lucky stars were helping me out! and as if it weren't enough, the song "it must have been love" by roxette suddenly played...charlynn likes roxette!
we went shopping for clothes too...went around trying on these dresses. our prospective item to purchase is a black blouse, but it was hard to find a decent one that would accommodate our chests. so our shopping was futile. the XLs looked more like S, really. mental note: must trim down figure!
we also watched the "exorcist 2: the heretic." linda blair has grown to be a young lady and they find out about father merrin's death, how the demon pazuzu really killed him. lots of locusts, and a younger james earl jones. i still like the first exorcist film.
dang, missed the leonid meteor shower. it was at this dawn, not tomorrow as i thought it was supposed to be. it's cloudy at this moment anyway. well...there goes a once-in-a-lifetime celestial spectacle.

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