today there was a bomb threat in school...so they suspended classes in the elementary and highschool level. but classes went on as usual for college students. i don't see the logic in this, does this imply that we're any more invulnerable to a bombing incident?
they posted guards on every gate. whoever pulled this prank is a sick person...if indeed it was just a prank...heaven forbid that it might become real at any time in the future. it would make sense, because we are after all, asia's oldest and only catholic university.
tonight i rode home with sis rowena and she found this celfone in the fx taxi, apparently left by its owner. she resolved to return it to its owner, who is apparently a guy. well, this guy is lucky that good people found his celfone. if it were other selfish people, he can now kiss his nokia 3210 adieu.
sis rhodalyne offered to sell me some dried tahong...hmmm, now that's interesting. she swore it tastes good, and that there really is such a thing.

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