rizza, smiley and i took advantage of our break this afternoon and went to the south harbor where the m/v doulos is docked..said to be built 2 years after the titanic. it's not really big. it's a ship which carries books for sale, and as it turned out, foreigners were aboard to sell them. the entrance fee is five pesos. the selection was a little disappointing, as there really weren't much to choose from..but there seemed to be a lot of religious books. rizza was looking for coloring books, but didn't find any good ones...while smiley wanted some 3-d illusion books. he insisted that i ask the foreigner dude at the information counter if they sold any such books. i told him to do it himself. but finally, i did the deed, after mentally composing my question for about two minutes....haha. the guy looked and sounded european. unfortunately, they don't have those books. i was able to buy this nice hardbound prose book by patti smith called "the coral sea" for only P50. then i also got a doulos sticker. rizza bought an erotic classic novel for only P100.
on our way back to UST, we passed by the US embassy and saw a lot of policemen in the area. according to the radio, there were protest rallies there earlier. flags in the government agencies and in monuments were raised at half-staff today, apparently in remembrance of the declaration of martial law. made it back in time for our 6pm class.

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