my birthday was spent with my friends rizza, smiley, ton, anie, cess and lynn at home--some relatives came too. the coolest things happened to me...as if the universe was showering me with some birthday luck when we got on this bus whose conductor discounted our fares when they told him it was my birthday! we saved 14 pesos on the fares. then we feasted on red ribbon specialties like spaghetti, sotanghon and the delicious mocha cake. balloons were courtesy of my artsy sister. there was also lechon and shrimps and guinatan and puto. i got to blow candles, albeit only the numerals "2" and "3".
my sister gave me a funny and kinky gift--a cute male doll with a shirt that says HAPPY BIRTHDAY and his stuffed genitals in display. heehee.

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