it's september...bar exams month! yesterday i forced myself to attend the 1st sunday of our sorority's bar operations. i hardly got any sleep that morning...as i slept for only an hour because i worked on this article for the fraternity's newsletter, of which i was asked to be a guest contributor. i hitched a ride with sis bam at 430 am. god i was so groggy and my nose ached because of my recently acquired cold. we stopped by karen's apartment to wait for the others and proceeded to dela salle taft. we were clad in quasi-purple shirts. i saw ex-president estrada's lawyer atty. cleofe bersola among the crowd. i think i saw her smile at me in my peripheral vision, or maybe it was just me seeing things. it was a festive mood in that place, everyone was cheering the barristers and throwing confetti around. our bar site was this rented billiard hall at this secluded corner. my nose really ached from the cigarette smoke that i couldn't bear it any longer, so i had to go home by lunchtime. my cold got worse while i was on my way home and i was sneezing pretty bad. i did manage to drop by fairview centermall to buy a couple of pirated vcd's...i had to drape my jacket on my back lest these people see my shirt that reads "bar operations 2001" on my back and realize that a law student is patronizing pirated merchandise..hehe. my body felt so hot and exhausted when i got home..i was sleep-deprived and heady, i went straight to bed.

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