ton treated me and rizza to lunch today, as an advance celebration for her birthday on the 15th. we ate at this small place called "Esquinita", on a small sidestreet just beside burger king. their menu was artfully written with colored chalk on a blackboard posted on their wall. ton and i had pot roast beef with red wine served with mashed potato, while rizza had a generous serving of pasta carbonara. then smiley joined us afterwards..he ordered his lunch while we had our desserts: mango crepe and blueberry cheesecake. both were squirted with chocolate syrup on the plate. ahh, cheesecake--yet another reminder of new jersey, particularly costco.
went home early and caught my sister and her boyfriend by surprise. hah.
oh yeah, can't help but post chester's bare chest picture on my page...heheh.

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