and they named this typhoon JOLINA.
yesterday morning was the earliest of all our exams...and when all of us were there they decided to suspend classes at the very hour we were supposed to start! woohoo!
then we decided to take advantage of this rare holiday by watching a movie at sm manila. it was obvious that other schools got suspended too. cess, ton, anie, rizza and me eliminated all the movies either of us has already watched and chose by toss coin among the movies "planet of the apes", jurassic park 3", "radyo", and "cats & dogs". we ended up with "radyo". later czar was able to follow us.
"radyo" proved how great an actor jeffrey quizon really is, and makes a convincing psycho killer in this one. the cinematography and technique of using fastforwarded scenes are visually refreshing. everyone was screaming at the chase scene in the end. i was squirming in my seat and grabbing ton...haha. the killing scenes were graphically portrayed. rufa mae quinto is the filipina angelina jolie here.
it also happened that it was a sale at that mall so the place was filled with people by the time we got out!
at sm fairview i scored this barbara taylor bradford novel i've been looking for, "A Secret Affair', for 40 bucks. then i bought scented votive candles in my favorite scent: apple cinnamon!

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