just got home a few minutes ago from the first ever movie screening of the movie club, a group duly organized and inspired by one of our profs who encouraged our class to see a movie every now and then "to unwind". i think we should come up with an official name, but movie club will have to do for now. our only class tonight never happened, because our prof was late for an entire hour. anyway, rizza, princess, arlene, doogie, keizzle, sharon and me decided to watch a movie, since this is the last school night for the year 2001. (woohoo!) if ever there's going to be a president among us, it has to be princess...THE movie buff! heheh.
we went to sm manila..and there weren't much good movies to choose from, until we debated on whether to watch monsters, inc. or the musketeers. we tossed a coin, and the coin has dictated it to be "the musketeer," much to rizza's, princess' and my dismay. it starred mena suvari, and this ugly guy trying to be the dashing d'artagnan. the fight scenes were akin to old chinese movies. no wonder, the stunt scenes were choreographed by a chinese.
oh, kuhr buhrs hennie and ara gave me christmas gifts...wheee...
tomorrow...err, that is, today is the initiation of our sorority's neophytes...must wake up early and make it by 9am...

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